death in Orenburg

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death in Orenburg

Сообщение Trinity » 06 окт 2008, 14:01

..just before the lady teacher sent out all the girls before the imminent crash of the school walls, she remembered that on the third floor there were the younger kids still there. or she thought so.
so she told 4 of the older girls in her class, go up there, don't say anything in order not to cause panic and get the kids out.
well the end we know.
out of a broken heart and thinking that she would have to bear the guilt with her for the rest of her life she took her own life in the garage.
the orthodox priest in her village refused here a burial in the village cemetary. 'because she is a sinner'.
she was buried in the back yard of her home.

hope he will stand one day in front of the pearly gates and find a better judge.
canon law or not, the lady deserved better...

ps and edit, just saw the latest news:
this is the pits indeed, why does the school have to be renovated in october when pupils where there and not in july and august when it was closed for holidays...
'tender' is the reason... as if these yo yo's did not know long before, even years, as the truth comes out more and more, that the school was unsafe and should have been closed long ago. like quite a few others, all the names were puplished in a dayly newspaper. 2 of them are in Moscow.Shame on you Mr. Mayor and the guy who is responsible for schooling and education!!!!!!!
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