Монгол Шуудан и Франции ...

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Re: Монгол Шуудан и Франции ...

Сообщение béboule » 07 май 2012, 21:04

finally that's a so-called "anarcho"-rock band... A very curious thing.
From France, it's really hard to understand this mixture.
That brings me another question: Is the figure of Makhno sometimes overused by nationalists in Ukraine or Russia?

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Re: Монгол Шуудан и Франции ...

Сообщение ясенъ » 08 май 2012, 12:46

i never heard some real nazis use his name in good context.
but as for this group - with good skills in music they sing so multivalent texts and i never can overstand, what they mean indeed.

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Re: Монгол Шуудан и Франции ...

Сообщение Alcest » 08 май 2012, 15:08

Well, former president of Ukraine Ushenko pretended to give Makhno a status of national hero of Ukraine. Ushenko wasn't a nazi, but he was a semi-nationalist. I've meant that Ushenko loved to say about national idea and Ukrainian culture. I guess that some Russian national-socialists such as "Volniza" state that Makhno was a good guy. Really, they don't support his ideas, but they are sure that it's a good demagogical trick to show some anarchists as national-socialists. As for idiotproofs, some stupid people even state that Makhno fought against Red Army, because he aimed to regain Tsar' and monarchy. Anyway that's an ambiguous point.


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